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The position of Master of Student Houses (MOSH) is held by a professorial faculty member who acts as a liaison between Caltech undergraduates and faculty to promote the well-being of our students, both socially and academically. To this end, the MOSH hosts events for faculty and undergraduates throughout the year, and works closely with students on ASCIT's Academics and Research Committee. He organizes trips to the opera, theater, and symphony, has students over for meals and movies, co-hosts etiquette dinners, and arranges other activities. The MOSH also administers the Victor and Janet Veysey Student Life Fund, which provides funding for many events at Caltech.

Use the menu above for more information on events organized by the MOSH and how to participate, for tips on inviting faculty to House activities, and to find out how to apply to the Veysey Student Life Fund for your campus event.